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Director disqualifications on the increase

According to figures published recently in the Financial Times, the number of disqualified company directors has risen by 23% in the last five years. These statistics are indicative of difficult economic times which have caused directors to resort to desperate measures in a bid to save their companies, but as a result neglecting their duties […]

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Dissolving your Civil Partnership

The dissolution of a Civil Partnership follows the same procedure as for a Civil Marriage, in that the couple must have remained within the Partnership for a minimum of twelve months; a petition must be filed citing any reasons why the Partnership should end and; if there are any children from the Partnership a ‘Statement […]

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Civil Partnership and changing your name

Although there is currently no legal requirement for either party to change their surname upon entering a Civil Partnership, many couples wish to share the same name. Changes are permissible following registration of the Partnership in the same way as for Civil Marriages. Should either or both partners decide to have a double-barrelled surname, a […]

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Our top 10 websites of 2012 [part two]

Following on from yesterday’s blog with regard to the 10 most successful microsite of the year, here are the top five – this was the very first microsite we set up and, perhaps partly because it is the oldest, has been our most successful. It deals with three basic issues – leasehold enfranchisement, lease […]

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Our top 10 websites of 2012 [part one]

January is a great month to review progress made in the previous year – and I always make sure that I don’t just give up reviewing the previous year on January 1st – I use the whole of January to review the previous year and conduct a mental spring clean. That’s exactly what I been […]

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How To Choose A Solicitor

Finding a solicitor is easy, but choosing the right one can often be more of a challenge. Narrowing it down by location and practice area is always a good start, but you can still find yourself with a list of firms who, on the face of it, seem equally good. So how do you choose […]

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Funding Personal Injury And Medical Negligence Claims

Pursuing any legal claim costs money, so it’s important that you understand your funding options before you start. In essence, there are four ways you can fund your case. 1. Pay for it yourself This is the most straightforward way to take out a personal injury or medical negligence claim, but one which lies beyond […]

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Using intellectual property to tackle pension scheme deficits

It seems that slowly but surely several large UK companies are using their intellectual property portfolios to fund ailing pension schemes. Where previous deficits have been filled by the transfer of real property into pension funds, companies are now looking at transferring intellectual property rights instead. It is commonly recognised that a conservative 70% of […]

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Divorce and Financial Settlements

As with any other legal settlement, asking the court to make a Consent Order [i.e. and agreed Financial Settlement] will eliminate the need for both parties to attend court and large sums of money being spent on legal expenses in a fully consistent hearing. A final order in divorce is almost always essential because even […]

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Franchising – important considerations

Franchising is the practice of using another firm’s successful business model, i.e. possesses a good track record of profitability, is a unique or unusual concept with broad geographic appeal, detailed systems, processes and procedures, can be easily standardised and duplicated and is relatively simple and inexpensive to operate. A franchise is merely a temporary business […]

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