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How To Make The Most Of Your Solicitor!

Most of these blog posts are about specific situations and areas of law, but sometimes you need to get back to basics. For most people, engaging the services of a law firm isn’t something they do every day, and the process can seem a little overwhelming. Here, then, is a quick guide to making the […]

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Why you should consider a Lease Extension

A short lease can adversely affect the saleability of your residential property. With the high proportion of leasehold properties under £500,000 with less than 80 years remaining, property purchasers are also disadvantaged. In recent months, many lenders have amended their policies in favour of long leases and increased the requisite number of years remaining on a […]

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Copyright – the absolute basics

If you have created what is referred to as an Original Work of Authorship [wich is often referred to as OWA], what sort of protection does copyright provide and what do you need to do? Firstly to qualify as an OWA, the work must be the original creation of the author – so it would cover […]

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Statutory pay rates increase

Just a quick blog – there are a number of changes to statutory sick pay that come into effect in April Statutory sick pay [often referred to as SSP] will increase by 5.2% – up to £85.85 from £81.60 The rates for statutory paternity pay, maternity pay and adoption pay all go up to £135.45 […]

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Commercial Leases – Why You Must Have A Solicitor On Board

If you run your business from commercial premises, your lease is probably one of the most important legal documents you have. It should therefore go without saying that you need specialist legal advice to ensure there are no problems between you and your landlord. In practice, you are most likely to consult a commercial property […]

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Tenants in common and joint tenancy – what’s the difference?

The whole conveyancing process can be quite confusing, and the terminology doesn’t help. When buying leasehold property, you will come across the terms joint tenancy and tenants in common – but what’s the difference? If you purchase property as joint tenants, it means that you are both joint owners of the property and as such […]

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How your solicitor can help you negotiate a commercial lease

Once you have found new premises for your business, you will need to negotiate the terms of the commercial lease with your landlord. This lease is a legal contract and failure to abide by its terms of your lease could lead to court action. It is therefore highly advisable that you employ a commercial property […]

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Employment law consultations the government plans in 2012

Every year, aims to introduce more and more new employment law regulations, whether prompted by London or Brussels. 2012 looks likely to prove no exception. So what consultation on yet further changes to UK employment law is the government planning in 2012? 1. Consultation on ‘Modern Workplaces’ The government completed its ‘consultation on modern workplaces’ […]

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Picking a solicitor – going local or searching online

According to a recent survey by Contact Law – a national “find a lawyer” service, the most common legal issue for which they received enquiries in 2011 related to employment law – which alone accounted for almost 20% of requests for help made to them. Family law and divorce were, apparently, the second most common […]

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Our lease extension team expands

Those of you who regularly plough through this legal blog, will be familiar with the fact that we specialise in lease extension work. In fact, our lease extension work has grown so quick of late, that we have just taken on a brand-new member of our expert team – a specialist leasehold extension solicitor, Sam […]

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