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Alternative business structures – the first three are revealed

Groundbreaking news yesterday when the SRA (the Solicitors Regulation Authority whose role, up until now, has simply been to regulate Solicitors) revealed the identities of the first three businesses to become alternative business structures (ABSs) authorised by the SRA. This follows the grant of the first ABS licence last October, when Premier Property Lawyers were […]

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What is a Litigation Friend?

Children under the age of 18 and certain protected parties (those deemed to lack the mental capacity) cannot legally represent themselves in a court of law. They are represented instead by a Litigation Friend, somebody who acts on their behalf throughout their claim, be it a parent, guardian or other trustworthy adult. This is particularly important […]

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The digital inheritance legacy of wills

Increasing numbers of beneficiaries will soon have their heads in the ‘Cloud’ following recent research by IT company Rackspace which suggests Britons are amassing a £2.3 billion digital inheritance from users leaving valuable passwords in their wills. A poll of 2,000 adults found that: • 25% had more than £200 worth of films, video and […]

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Is It Better To Divorce – Or To Be Divorced?

Most people would conclude that it’s better not to be divorced at all, and rightly so. Sadly, divorce is a fact of life, and something which more and more people experience in the course of their adult lives. So it’s worth bearing in mind that, although the outcome of a divorce is ultimately the same […]

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What is the process of gaining the right to manage?

There is a particular process that needs to be followed in order to gain the right to manage a property. The first thing to do is to scope out the interest and eligibility of your fellow tenants so you can ensure that the whole right to manage project isn’t going to be a non-starter. Doing […]

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Military discrimination claims

In most civilian employment discrimination cases, the process can sometimes be upsetting due to the nature of the issue, but the procedure is relatively straightforward. For instance, someone who is the victim of pregnancy discrimination or who is discriminated against for being  homosexual would be able to make a discrimination claim under the 2010 Equality […]

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Inheritance, Guardianship And Why All Parents Need To Have A Will In Place

Our specialist wills and probate solicitors [and for that matter our team of divorce solicitors will advise you that there are many reasons for having a valid will in place, but perhaps the most compelling is if you have children under the age of 18. Quite simply, your children are at enormous risk if you […]

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Do you need the services of a Solicitor to create your Right to Manage Company?

As a Leaseholder there may be various reasons to take control of the management of your building, e.g. dissatisfaction with consistently high service charges or a poor standard of repair. There are ways of addressing these problems without taking control of the management but sometimes it makes sense for the landlord or their managing agents  […]

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YouGov survey on probate services

A recent YouGov survey published earlier in the year by the Legal Services Board makes interesting reading. Amongst its findings was the discovery that 86% of those people using professional probate services actually use specialist probate solicitors. Therefore the unregulated market for probate is relatively small in comparison with the market for non-solicitor will writers […]

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Frequently asked questions about making Wills

Where should I store my Will? In a secure place at any Probate Registry in England and Wales, the Principal Registry Office of the Family Division, the Bank (some offer secure storage facilities for an annual fee of £10.00 to £25.00), with Probate solicitors (some solicitors – like us – do not charge for secure storage […]

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