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Debt recovery in the equine industry

Debt recovery is an area that affects the equine industry as with other business sectors. Horses, stables and livery yards are valuable assets and therefore unpaid debts can total substantial amounts.   Debt recovery can affect the equine industry in the following ways: • Sale of horses or ponies • Loan agreement payments • Livery […]

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Jane Bishop – Wiltshire IoD’s new chair

The latest news coming from the Bath and Wiltshire branch of the Institute of Directors (IoD) is that the new chair will be none other than our very own practice director Jane Bishop. She was already an existing member of the committee, being vastly experienced she was considered a prime candidate for the role. Jane […]

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Using a No Win No Fee Agreement For Your Commercial Litigation

Whilst many people are familiar with ‘No Win No Fee’ agreements being used for personal injury and medical negligence claims, not many people are aware that such arrangements can be utilised for commercial disputes as well. Such arrangements – which are also referred to as Conditional Fee Arrangements (“CFAs”) – allow businesses to pursue a […]

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The importance of a business partnership agreement

Is your business partnership relationship rosy? You need to ask yourself how strong the relationship with your business partner is and is likely to be in the future. Will your respect for each other as business owners always remain? Will you be friends forever? It is nice to think so but in reality your businesspartnership […]

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9 legal tips for small businesses

Running your own business is sure to present you with many unexpected legal challenges; here are 9 practical legal tips help to guide you through the potential legal minefield. 1. Make sure you get an experienced business law solicitor There are many different types of law and solicitors who specialise in certain areas, so finding […]

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What information should a Shareholders’ Agreement contain?

If you are going into business with other people, you will need to ensure that your interests are protected in the form of a Shareholders’ Agreement. The agreement sets out the rights and obligations of the Shareholders, regulates the sale of shares in the company, details how the company is going to be run and […]

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Four ways to get out of your commercial lease

Say you’ve taken on a long commercial lease but for one reason or another you want to get out of it – maybe you’re downsizing, or better still have outgrown your current space or perhaps want to buy your own business property. What are your options? Our commercial property lawyers suggest you first consider one […]

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Choosing the right business law solicitor for your business

Generally, unless you and are confident you are able to handle potentially technical issues or have a legal background, it’s always best to seek advice from a professional qualified commercial solicitor when it comes to issues surrounding business law. Understanding when to take legal advice can be difficult for many small businesses and it can […]

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New Year’s resolution for your business – get properly protected

It never ceases to amaze me how very many businesses don’t have the right legal documents in place to protect their owners and directors – which are relatively simple and inexpensive. Regardless of whether you’re a fresh start up, or an established and successful business, do you have the essential protection of the following four […]

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Business Law Protection for Start-Ups

It can be extremely difficult for people running their own business to keep up with the changes in business and employment law. The goalposts in these areas of law are constantly shifting and for those who have do not understand or follow legal affairs, the constant alteration to business regulation can prove extremely frustrating. Falling […]

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