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Prenups to Get Legal Recognition

Concerns have been raised by one of the highest ranking Roman Catholic bishops in England over plans to recognise pre-nuptial agreements in law. The Bishop of Shrewsbury, the Rt Rev Mark Davies, warns that enshrining prenups in law could undermine the traditional “for better for worse” marriage vows. The bishop claims that marriage, which is […]

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Divorce abroad – finances and prenuptial agreements

The rules regarding divorce finances vary greatly internationally. A country’s laws will often be very inflexible in the absence of a prenuptial agreement, with spouses sometimes told to settle for what they each have in their name. Furthermore, it is difficult to find a country which grants spousal maintenance as readily as the UK. Some […]

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Prenuptial agreements – the UK and EU

Pre-nuptial agreements are viewed differently depending on which part of the world you are in. In much of North America and Europe for example, ‘pre-nups’ are viewed as legally binding documents provided that both people involved received legal advice prior to signing the agreement; this is so that the court can be certain that no […]

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Divorce insurance, yup it’s arrived!

Sounds weird doesn’t it? Insuring against divorce! But then truth is usually much stranger than fiction. The latest bizarre event in the world of family law is the announcement by the German-based insurance company, ARAG, that with effect from September, its insurance offerings will include a type of divorce insurance – one that pays out […]

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UK Prenuptial Agreement-another website

UK Prenuptial Agreement is the title of yet another of our dedicated mini-sites. This site provides all you need to know about the increasing popularity of the UK prenup — as it is often known. Certainly since the highly publicised case of the German heiress, Karen Radmacher, and those of many other celebrities, prenuptial agreements […]

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Cohabitation – what happens if we separate?

If a married couple decide to go their separate ways, there are divorce laws, rules and procedures in place which set out how joint assets, or even debts, are distributed. Similar rules apply to civil partnership dissolution.  But what happens with unmarried couples who have been cohabiting?  The answer is that there are no set rules […]

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Employment tribunal claims – small businesses particularly vulnerable

A recent case heard by the Employment Appeal Tribunal [EAT] has confirmed how vulnerable small businesses are to Employment Tribunal claims.  Although employment law makes it quite clear that any discrimination claim, constructive dismissal or unfair dismissal compensation [or in fact any type of employment tribunal award] paid to a successful employee should be “just and equitable in all […]

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The romance of the UK Prenuptial Agreement

Sadly cynicism about relationships appears to have even reached law firms. The firm who brought the world the ideal Christmas present – their “divorce voucher” has come up with another cracker for Valentine’s Day – the “prenup voucher”. The lucky recipient of this most romantic of gifts is entitled to an hours worth of legal […]

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