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Professional negligence claims – Structural engineers

When a structural engineer acts negligently, it can be particularly costly. If a structural engineer causes structural failure, work delays or damage which requires costly curative work. Making a successful professional negligence claim against a structural engineer is dependent upon securing a report from an independent structural engineer. This report plays a key part in […]

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Claiming compensation against negligent barristers

Broadly speaking, lawyers are split into two groups, solicitors and barristers. Barristers are primarily associated with advocacy in court whereas solicitors spend more time with clients preparing cases prior to a trial. Despite the high level of expertise needed for both roles, mistakes are made and solicitors and barristers can be sued for professional negligence. […]

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Claiming compensation against negligent property or conveyancing solicitors

Do you believe that you received substandard or even negligent guidance from the solicitor or conveyancer you instructed to help you with the sale or purchase of your property? If so, you may find that you are entitled to make a professional negligence claim against them. The professional negligence lawyers at Bonallack & Bishop are […]

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Claiming compensation against a negligent vet

Vets have a duty to care for clients and patients (and some third parties) with an appropriate level of skill. This level is the level that could be fairly expected of a competent vet. Should the vet fail to meet the standards which could reasonably be expected of a competent vet he/she could be said […]

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What You Need to Know About Conveyancing When Joint Ownership is Involved

Too often, conveyancing solicitors give inadequate advice to protect co-owners of properties who do not contribute equally to the purchase price of their home and/or do not wish for their stake in the property to be passed over to their co-owner should they pass away. Joint purchasers should be made aware that there are two […]

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Malpractice within Personal Injury Firms Causes a Raft of Personal Injury Negligence Claims

Personal injury firms, many of whom enjoyed huge early success, are beginning to pay the price for their rapid expansion. Such firms are being put under financial strain due to an enormous increase in the number of professional negligence claims brought against them, mostly citing the undervaluation of accident claims. In a recent report, the […]

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Solicitor Negligence – defined

When employing a solicitor to provide you with legal advice and representation, we have faith in their professionalism and that the service, information and advice they give is correct. In rare instances however, there are solicitors who conduct themselves in a negligent or incompetent manner. Having said that, there are specific regulations and legislation in […]

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Architect Negligence – defined

Most architects are regulated by the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Architects Registration Board (appointed by the Government) oversees the work of such professionals within the UK. In the majority of building projects involving an architect, the work they carry out is conducted in a correct and professional manner. However, occasionally poor service […]

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How to claim compensation – our new website

Our latest microsite is very different from other specialist sites which we have set up. Firstly, I suppose that we shouldn’t really call a microsite. Sure, it’s very specialist but it has already got over 90 pages live so it’s hardly a micro or even minisite. Secondly, the design and layout of the site […]

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Private client microsite catch up

If you are new subscriber to this blog, it is possible that you have missed out on some of my recent blogs about the various specialist microsites that the firm have recently launched. If you have missed out, here is a guide to some of our recently launched web sites; – one area of […]

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