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Martin Luther King – no will, so his legacy includes an ongoing legal battle

Martin Luther King Jr was born Michael King in January 1929, but his father changed his name to honour the German reformer, Martin Luther. King Jr became a Baptist Minister and went on to become the figurehead of the American civil rights movement, leading the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott and helping to raise awareness of […]

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Passing away without a will – Jimi Hendrix’s story

Jimi Hendrix, often cited as the ultimate guitarist of all time, passed away at the age of just 27 in 1970. Jimi Hendrix was only 27 years old, yet over 34 years have passed since the start of the court case to determine who should acquire the earnings from his assets. Of course, no one […]

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Solid advice or biased opinion – are you friends pushing you towards divorce?

When a marriage encounters problems, those involved generally have to decide whether the relationship has become irreparable. However, a recent report in The Times have revealed that it is likely to be your friends who influence whether or not it is time to file for divorce. Vision Critical recently conducted a study, which has shown […]

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Salisbury – Part-time Receptionist Office Job

We are looking for a part-time receptionist for our Salisbury office to work two days a week. Some flexibility on which days you work may be required. You will be part of a busy reception team, at the heart of our Salisbury office, who strive to give our clients the best possible introduction to our […]

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How to review Bonallack and Bishop on Google

Firstly, thanks for agreeing to review us on Google – of all the online review options, it is the most powerful, but you do need to have a Google account to be able to review any business on Google To review us on Google, you need to be signed into your Google account. Once you’ve […]

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Recovering care home fees

When an elderly or disabled relative enters a care home, their level of health care is assessed to determine how much their care home fees will be. Prior to 2007, if an elderly relative in England was admitted into a care home, then the funding was assessed due to the local health authority which used […]

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MoJ Criticised over Proposed Reforms to Mesothelioma Claims

The chairman of a body representing asbestos-related disease sufferers has appealed to the Justice Minister Helen Grant to exercise caution over plans to reform mesothelioma cases. It was announced in December that possible reforms to the way in which mesothelioma cases are handled would be discussed in spring 2013. Central to the discussions will be […]

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Your options when overcharged by managing agents

Occasionally owners of leasehold properties fall victim to unscrupulous managing agents who overcharge for block management services. It has been suggested by industry specialists that in some instances property owners are paying up to £400 too much each year, equating to £700 million. It often becomes unreasonable when the maintenance organisation used to carry out […]

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Fall in annual whiplash compensation claims

Those regular readers of this blog will have noted previous blog entries about the government’s attack on the “compensation culture” – with, for example, allegations of the fraud carried out by so-called “whiplash victims” and plans to increase the small claims limit for accident claims from £1000 to £5000. Such increases in the small claims […]

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Exploit your intellectual property rights -Institute of Directors workshop

Intellectual property is something that every business owns. But the real trick is to make sure that you both identify and exploit your intellectual property rights, which can lead to a significant increase in the value of your business. That’s the subject of a workshop dinner being run by the Bath and Wiltshire branch of […]

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