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Many businesses expect to employ more staff in 2011

Two recent surveys by British companies seem to indicate that businesses are more confident about business prospects coming into 2011. The most recent Business Tracker survey by Regus, the serviced offices provider, of 10,000 business professionals in 78 countries, found that UK businesses had a more positive outlook than six months previously. Regus also found […]

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Protect your copyright

Copyright theft is a growing problem. One of the weaknesses of the internet is how easy it is for someone to steal your work. Part of our search engine optimisation involves an extensive article writing campaign. It is very annoying therefore to find that other people have used our articles, removing links to our site and […]

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Video conferencing – bring it on

Am I the only one to believe there is massive potential for professional services businesses to use video conferencing to grow their business in future? People buy people. That’s a given. But whilst you can sometimes deal with clients at a distance by e-mail and phone, that’s quite restrictive – surely people like to be […]

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Few businesses plan to cut legal costs

A recent You Gov survey discovered just 2% of those businesses interviewed when asked what they were “likely to cut back on in the next two months to maintain company profitability “were planning on cutting legal costs. That may not bother you, but it’s joy to my ears. Come on now guys – spend, spend, […]

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What’s your biggest customer care frustration?

Whether we are selling legal services or widgets, all of us have clients or customers. What’s your personal customer pet hate? I really hate being passed from pillar to post and having to repeat myself endlessly. It seems that I’m not the only one. A recent You Gov survey discovered that 26% of those interviewed […]

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The Art of Persuasion – part 1

One thing that my new role as an entrepeneur who owns a law firm has done, is to encourage me to start reading business books. I’ve become so dull lately that I make sure I take at least one business book whenever I go on holiday — and I read it [is that commitment or […]

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Welcome to the Bishopslaw Business Blog

Welcome to our new blog. These days I describe myself as an entrepreneur who owns a law firm – and improving the way you run your business is the theme of this blog. I’m looking forward to welcoming plenty of great guest bloggers and regular contributors to share their interesting and innovative ideas on helping […]

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