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Telephone enquiries – the massive missed opportunities

A couple of years ago we did some research. We found that, on average, our Salisbury office was failing to answer approximately 6 telephone calls every day during working hours. This was despite having 2 receptionists and internal arrangements for other people to answer the main switchboard if reception was busy. That’s a staggering 1500 […]

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Our successful microsites

Readers of this blog who know me, won’t be surprised to hear me enthusing about dedicated micro sites. I’ve been building a stable of these dedicated legal sites for some time now and my target is to use them to produce additional work for my law firm of around £400,00 every year. The 1st site […]

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Moment of truth (part 3)

Cast-iron proof that entrepreneurs are truly mad

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Advertising – what’s the cheapest way of acquiring new clients?

Picking up new business is the holy grail for many businesses. Advertising often plays a part in the mix. One question I’ve always had, however, is whatsoever sizing really works? Obviously every industry sector varies” but I was interested to come across some research by American Internet marketing company Rapport Online Inc. How accurate their research […]

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Does the Google sandbox really exist?

Warning – if you’re not a search engine optimisation anorak, please turn away now. Does the Google sandbox really exist? Not as far as I can tell. Though there are suggestions that Google doesn’t rank websites with new domain names for up to 6 months after a site goes live, my latest right to manage […]

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Protect your copyright

Copyright theft is a growing problem. One of the weaknesses of the internet is how easy it is for someone to steal your work. Part of our search engine optimisation involves an extensive article writing campaign. It is very annoying therefore to find that other people have used our articles, removing links to our site and […]

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Video conferencing – bring it on

Am I the only one to believe there is massive potential for professional services businesses to use video conferencing to grow their business in future? People buy people. That’s a given. But whilst you can sometimes deal with clients at a distance by e-mail and phone, that’s quite restrictive – surely people like to be […]

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What’s your biggest customer care frustration?

Whether we are selling legal services or widgets, all of us have clients or customers. What’s your personal customer pet hate? I really hate being passed from pillar to post and having to repeat myself endlessly. It seems that I’m not the only one. A recent You Gov survey discovered that 26% of those interviewed […]

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The Art of Persuasion – part 1

One thing that my new role as an entrepeneur who owns a law firm has done, is to encourage me to start reading business books. I’ve become so dull lately that I make sure I take at least one business book whenever I go on holiday — and I read it [is that commitment or […]

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