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Lease extension solicitors in Salisbury, Fordingbridge and AndoverLease Extension Solicitors

Leasehold extensions – your rights

Were you aware there is legislation giving owners of leasehold flats and houses the right to increase the value of their property by extending their lease?

Our lease extension solicitors specialise in leasehold enfranchisement, lease extension and right to manage company issues in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Somerset, Dorset and Berkshire and  throughout England and Wales.

How our Leasehold Extension Solicitors can help

We advise tenants on buying a freehold title and other enfranchisement claim issues including:

  • Leasehold extensions
  • Claims for lease enfranchisement (also called collective enfranchisement)
  • Buying a freehold
  • Exercising your right to manage your block
  • Grant of new leases
  • Deeds of variation
  • Licences

We deal with lease enfranchisement (also called collective enfranchisement) – which is the right for tenants to join together (under the Leasehold Reform Act 1993) to force their landlord to sell the freehold of their block of flats to them.

Our solicitors are highly experienced in this specialised area – with over 25 years experience in dealing with up to 400 leasehold extensions every year.

Who do we represent?

Our specialist Leasehold Extension Solicitors represent individual leaseholders as well as property management companies, landlords and residents associations, providing jargon-free legal services and practical legal advice. We offer a FREE initial telephone consultation.

Although we’re always happy to meet you, most of our nationwide lease extension and enfranchisement clients deal with us by e-mail, phone and Skype, avoiding the necessity of meeting face to face. Although our local clients are more than welcome to visit us at one of our local four offices – Salisbury, Andover, Fordingbridge and Amesbury. So wherever you live in England and Wales, for legal advice from specialist Lease Extension Solicitors, contact us today.

How do we get started?

Once you have appointed us to deal with your lease extension, the next stage is usually to appoint a specialist chartered surveyor to value the planned Leasehold Extension. You need to ensure you’ve appointed someone specialising in extending leases. Our team regularly work with surveyors who specialise in Leasehold Extensions and Freehold Enfranchisement cases and can assist you select the right one from our specialist surveyor panel.

Lease extension – acting for freeholders

Freeholders as well as flat-owners will need expert legal advice when it comes to the lease extension process and our leasehold reform specialists have extensive experience in protecting the interests of freeholders.

Statutory lease extension

If you, as the freeholder, receive a formal request for statutory lease extension, you’re going to need specialist legal advice for the following reasons:

• It is important to check that the statutory notice is legitimate and whether you are compelled to grant the extension

• The premium stated in the notice may not be big enough – in which case you will need a solicitor to issue a counter notice demanding a higher premium

• You will have to negotiate this premium if it leads to a dispute

• you will need to comply with both the timetable and complicated procedure involved in finalising any lease extension.

As there are time limits involved in the lease extension process, it’s really important that you get specialist legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

Non-statutory lease extension
If a leaseholder informally asks for a lease extension you not required to negotiate or even respond. However our specialist lease extension team can help you negotiate a better deal – perhaps a higher premium, better ground rent terms and we can also help you negotiate and grant a lease shorter than the statutory 90 year period.

Sale of the freehold
We can also help freeholders when they are approached by leaseholders looking to buy their share of the freehold a process is sometimes referred to as ‘freehold purchase’, ‘collective enfranchisement’ or ‘lease enfranchisement’.

Lease extensions – how big is the market?

Many people don’t realise how huge the lease extension market is  – but recent figures from the Office of National Statistics should help to make it clear. There are 22.5 million homes in England and Wales of which a fifth are flats. Of these flats, 1.5 million are long leaseholds which are going to require a lease extension at some stage.

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