25 Years Loyal Services


January 2007

25 Years Loyal Services 

Thursday 18th January 1982, Mary Hunt started her first day in her new job as a secretary, it was snowing, just like it had on the day she had gone for the interview. 25 years later Mary, who is now a legal assistant dealing with leasehold extension and freehold enfranchisement workwork, celebrated with friends and colleagues from Salisbury Law Firm Bonallack & Bishop for those loyal years of service. A presentation speech was given by Senior Partner, Tim Bishop and Consultant Solicitor, Paul Chudleigh who has worked with Mary for the last 25 years, “Mary is an incredibly wonderful lady.”

Mary had started her career in London working for a firm of solicitors when sadly her boss died; this was the time for a move for her and her husband, Reg. They had always loved the Salisbury area. Mary picked up a Western Gazette and applied for one of the jobs, this was a secretarial position with Solicitors in Salisbury Pye-Smiths . She loved the firm as it was a well established and settled firm. When the merger of Pye-Smiths to Bonallack & Bishop Solicitors took place in 2005 Mary was worried for her job as at the time there were other solicitor mergers happening and she feared there would be too many secretaries going for too few jobs. Mary needn’t have worried and moved up to Bonallack & Bishop offices where she has responsibility for one of their larger clients ‘The Sarum Group’. When asked how she felt now, Mary replied “I’m very happy at Bonallack & Bishop, I love the people I work with, there’s a really good atmosphere here.”

Fishing has been a passion for Mary and her husband for the last 35 years. “It was always something my husband would disappear off to do, so one day I asked if I could go, he said yes and now I fish more than him, I just didn’t want to end up a fishing widow” laughed Mary. During her time in London she would fish at competition level and has a few wins under her belt, “there was this one time when they decided to have a ladies cup competition, this was ridiculous as I was the only lady, I still have the cup at home.” Mary is part of the Hale Park Syndicate and Longford Estate Fishing Syndicate.

Mary and her husband Reg also do a lot of work for charity by exhibiting their Hornby Dublo 3 rail layout. “We display at school and charity events, it helps those organisations to raise much needed funds for the local community, something we are very keen on doing.”