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Salisbury Law Firm Bonallack & Bishop have teamed up with The Relationship People to offer a new and unusual free service for ‘Relationships in Distress’.

The service runs alongside Bonallack & Bishop's long established free weekly legal surgery in their Salisbury office, when Nigel and Jenny Heath from The Happy Relationship Company offer a free 20 minute consultation for clients and non-clients.

"We are really excited to offer this new approach to those with real relationship problems," said Colin Carnegy, partner at Bonallack and Bishop. "The end of any relationship is a stressful time for everyone involved. Often we find individuals struggling to come to terms with what is happening to them, let alone being able to give instruction to a Solicitor," continued Colin. "We are keen to promote a holistic view of our clients' difficulties. Nigel and Jenny have enormous experience in relationship counselling and we have already referred family clients to them with considerable success.

We feel strongly that our role in family cases is to solve the client's problem, which apart from guiding them through the divorce process, also involves explaining their rights, particularly on financial aspect and advising them of the options open to them, this may include the possibility of saving their relationship, or at least helping them deal with the relationship breakdown in as sensible and stress free way as possible. As a firm we are already strong supporters of the much less adversarial Collaborative Law approach to divorce, with two of our family team trained as Collaborative Lawyers and we feel that this additional service at our regular Tuesday evening surgery fits in perfectly with that approach."

Nigel_Jenny_HeathNigel Heath from The Relationship People says "Having met with the firm's family law team, we are delighted to offer a 'Relationships in Distress' free consultation at their legal surgery, which runs every Tuesday 5.15pm -7pm at their Salisbury office and at the same time on the first Wednesday evening surgery of every month at their Andover office

Just like Bonallack and Bishop's existing surgery, our service will be on a drop-in basis, so no appointment is necessary," Jenny commented. "It gives individuals or couples the chance to talk to us in a non-threatening environment to see if we can help them work through any relationship issues. Our approach fits in really well with the sensitive and refreshing attitude towards family problems shown by Bonallack and Bishop."

For more information please contact Nigel or Jenny Heath on 0800 298 5938 or family lawyers Colin Carnegy or Amanda Trappes-Lomax (previously Harper) at  Bonallack & Bishop Solicitors on Salisbury (01722) 422300


"Thank you for your superb interventions when my husband and I visited you recently. It was the best intervention we’ve ever had, because of the sophistication and accuracy of your insights, your practical advice, and the safe space you were able to create with us.

I feel so relieved to find something so wonderful that I would like to see you weekly! I still don’t know if my husband and I are going to split or not; what I do really know is that we will be OK no matter what.  What a relief. It’s beyond words to say. Blessings to you both."

S. Garfield


 "I would like to thank you for your time this morning. I'm sorry I must have sounded so angry, which is borne primarily of the suppression of so many feelings and frustration at the catch-22 situation we have found ourselves in. You certainly gave us much food for thought and I really hope that it isn't too late for us, I most definitely want to resolve our differences because we have shared so much. However, I realise and accept that this might not be the case and believe that you have equipped me to enjoy a better future. My mantra to myself as I walked our dog across the heath this morning was 'This is the first day of the rest of my life', and I sincerely believe this now, thank you."



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The Relationship People work alongside our legal surgeries to offer free advice on a drop-in basis.

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