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It’s a tough economic market where only the best will survive and the excellent will thrive.  You need to be armed with the skills for survival and then be ready for growth.  No business school will teach you that. 

A modern business leader needs to cut costs but keep morale high, manage change, find new products and new markets, understand sales, be quick thinking and make decisions fast, take tough decisions to cut your losses but keep trying new things and analyse what will work.

Membership of Vector Partners will give you the skills you need in an environment of shared experience with other business owners and senior MDs of companies committed to being the best.  We only recruit one business  from each sector and have members from professions (eg accounting, finance, legal) which will enable you to form your ideas and plans that will work in today’s complex business world.

How Vector Partners Entrepreneurs Groups achieve this purpose

The Salisbury Vector Partners Group, comprising 14 business owners/managing directors and a Vector Group Leader, meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm at the Grasmere House Hotel. Refreshments and buffet lunch are provided.

  • Monthly meetings with workshops covering critical strategic and  implementation skills
  • The functionality of a Board without the expense of a non-executive member and other specialist functions (accounts, legal, finance, HR, etc)
  • One to one mentoring with you individually or jointly with your co-directors to develop plans covering:
    • Growth
    • New products
    • Personal development
    • Sales
    • Leadership
  • Discussion on topics vital to you and your business in an environment of experience and confidentiality
  • Opportunities for joint ventures with like minded companies
  • A money-back guarantee to new members for the first 3 months of their membership

Come along to one of our meetings and see for yourself how Vector can arm you for success in the future.  Monthly membership is just £225 plus VAT (negotiable for very small companies) but if you don’t make that back by implementing your ideas and plans in the first 3 months, we’ll refund your first 3 months membership in full.  By the way, no one has ever asked the money back!

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If you are serious about growing your business, contact Tim or Jane Bishop on 01722 422300 or email Tim Bishop or Jane Bishop

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Please note that Vector Partners is a separate business from Bonallack and Bishop and is not a practice regulated and authorized by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Furthermore any lawyer connected with Bonallack and Bishop providing services through Vector Partners is, in doing so, NOT providing services as a practising lawyer regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority or another approved regulator.




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