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Specialists in Intellectual Property Law

Our Intellectual Property Solicitors offer specialist advice on all types of Intellectual Property – copyright law, patents, trade marks, trade secrets and registered designs. We can follow your business through from start up advice – to ensure your ideas, business name and intellectual property are protected from day one – to exploring business relationships, creating licensing agreements and franchising possibilities.

Why choose us as your Intellectual Property Solicitor?

  • We are the only law firm in the area dedicated to this crucial areas of business law
  • We are able to provide city quality Intellectual Property expertise at local prices – making previously specialist advice available and affordable to all businesses – whether individuals, SME or multi-national
  • When it comes to Trademark Law, we have a unique arrangement with a highly specialist firm of Trademark Attorneys based in our offices - providing seamless one-stop trademark law advice

How our Intellectual Property Solicitors can help you

We can protect your business in the following ways:

  • Identifying and managing your Intellectual Property
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements
  • Exploiting Intellectual Property – licensing and franchising
  • Brand management and trademark filings
  • Enforcing your Intellectual Property against infringers

Every business has valuable Intellectual Property– in its trading name and the ideas and concepts behind its products. But in many cases businesses are unaware of the value of these intangible assets and do not maximize their potential. Our Intellectual Property Solicitors can ensure that the intellectual property belonging to your business is protected.

Our Intellectual Property Solicitor says, “We are currently in an era of Intellectual Property for the masses. The individual inventor with creative genius, the web development business and the jewellery designer creating bespoke pieces hold their heads high alongside the international corporations in recognising the value of their intellectual property. The IP marketplace now operates according to the economic golden rule – those with the gold (ie the IP Rights) can now make the rules.”

Contact our Intellectual Property Solicitors

We help clients by protecting their Intellectual Property throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset, and Somerset and throughout the UK. Our Intellectual Property Solicitors can see you in our Salisbury or Andover offices. Alternatively on the basis of phone and e-mail instructions, we can advise and represent you nationwide without even needing to meet.

For specialist advice, contact Richard Knowles, our Intellectual Property Solicitor at our Salisbury office today.

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