Avoid Court, Negotiate with a Compromise Agreement

So your employment is not going as well as you hoped? Perhaps you are in dispute with colleagues and finding the job stressful. Maybe it just doesn’t suit your personality and there is no clear ‘fit’. Does your boss get you down because he or she is asking for more than you can cope with? Is a manager being unreasonable?

Ok, any number of reasons can arise where you know it’s time to move on. So you decide to leave and hand in your notice. You thought it would be a simple matter. After all, the boss has been a bit unfair in his or her demands; surely they will allow some leeway on the contract rules?

The boss might feel differently. You talk to friends and family – often the worst thing to do! Everyone goads you on: ‘that’s so unfair!’ ‘He can’t do that, it’s not legal!’ and, worst of all, ‘Go to Court, go on, take it further!’

What happens now? The dispute rumbles on...and on. Then it gets more stressful than the job was! What on earth are you going to do? You’re disgruntled, unhappy and beginning to feel the issue affecting you. Yet, why should you just give in, you ask yourself? Isn’t there someone who can support you? Do you really have to go plodding through the tiring, expensive, oh, so stressful Court route?

No, you don’t have to do this at all. Remember the employer will be under stress too, wanting to just get back on with work again. That’s the great thing about a UK compromise agreement; both parties can resolve the issues affecting them. An agreement can be reached outside Court and usually at no cost to you, as the employee.

This agreement, which is legally binding, can take effect either before you depart or after termination of your job.

Well, the good news is that it allows for you to claim a payment from your employer for severance. In turn, you then agree not to pursue further any claim or disgruntlement you may be harbouring to a tribunal.

You must have the employment compromise agreement explained by an independent solicitor before the agreement becomes binding. Appointing experienced compromise agreement solicitors will ensure you understand the terms of the agreement and that the correct clauses and points have been raised and dealt with. The solicitor giving you the advice must also sign the agreement and certify that the appropriate advice has been given.

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