Can I contest a Will when Fraud is Suspected?

You were so close to your sister; when she passed away the loss was almost unbearable. You were like best friends; you laughed, chatted and lived in the same street and holidays in Spain were such fun.

A UK inheritance claim was something you used to tease one another about. You joked about who would go first as you grew older while each of you knew that the other would be a beneficiary of the Will.

Towards the end, when she was getting quite frail, she used to allow the young man who had recently moved in next door to drive her places. He would take her to the hairdresser. He’d stay by her side when she went for a health check up at the hospital and wait outside at the doctor’s surgery to drive her home. Once she overheard him talking about  contesting a will.

He began to dote on her, calling by to check she was ok if he hadn’t seen her for a while; he started offering to dig her garden. Of course she loved it. ‘Such a nice young man’ she’d often say. When she struggled to hold a pen, he’d hold it for her, steadying her hand as she wrote.

Then, you began to suspect things weren’t right. He seemed to have taken over your part in your sister’s life; suddenly it was if you never did much together any more. The man took her away on holiday once!

It all became very upsetting, especially when your sister began to argue with you, saying unkind things. You knew it was this man who had torn things apart but your sister refused to listen, believing you were just jealous.

Shortly after she died, another bitter blow arrived: your beloved sister had removed you from her Will and this ‘nice young man from next door’ had been left the lot!

Can you contest the Will and make an inheritance claim when she signed it, albeit in a scrawled shaky hand? Yes! You may not ‘just be jealous’; it’s quite possible there has been some coercion or fraud, with this young man virtually forcing your sister to change the Will in his favour.

Speak to a solicitor who specialises in inheritance disputes and who will be able to expertly guide you through how to contest a Will. You may have a case for some fraudulent behaviour. A solicitor will be discreet and calm and will take you through the process in a professional manner, without force.

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Contesting a Will

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