The Qualities Of A Good Probate Solicitor

There are many specialist areas of the UK legal system, all requiring particular skills. We have all seen criminal prosecution and defence lawyers on television and film, doing wily battle with each other. Then there are those specialising in jargon, a thankless task bogged down in planning laws and other complications. One very specialized area, calling for unique skills, is that of probate solicitors.

Of course, a thorough knowledge of the law and procedures involved in the process of probate service are necessary. But there are more human qualities and attributes that any good probate solicitor must possess.

Every one of their clients will have suffered a recent bereavement. Some will have taken it harder than others, some may put on a brave face will suffering terribly inside. However his clients may appear to him, the probate lawyer will treat them all with the same degree of sympathy and respect. The first thing that his clients will need to be told is that the solicitor can handle all of the details involved in the probate process. Assurance and comfort are paramount at this early stage, but also important as events unfold and the procedure trundles on. Everything in law takes time. Buying a house or purchasing a lease is fraught enough, and clients will forever by calling their conveyancing solicitor for an update or to hurry them along. A probate solicitor who truly understands the nature of his profession will turn this around, keeping his clients informed at a time when they will have many other things on their mind. When a family has lost a loved one, they want to get on with trying to remember that person as they were, and legal issues can be kept in the background if the probate solicitor has the qualities needed in this specialist area.

If there are problems with contested probate claims or other complications where a deceased person’s will is concerned, the family can be assured that they have someone who is both caring about their situation but at the same time dispassionate and professional when it comes to points of law. This is especially important when they have the diplomatic skills necessary when dealing with claims on the estate and avoiding the animosity that may occur.

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