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What is a Settlement Agreement?Settlement Agreement Lawyers

Our employment lawyers understand that employers often want to dismiss employees without following procedures or without having a fair reason for dismissal.

The solution is often a settlement agreement (previously known as a compromise agreement and also known as a Severance Agreement) under which the employer pays the employee a sum of money and the employee effectively signs away rights to any claims they may have against the employer. In order for a compromise agreement to be valid it is necessary for the employee to seek independent legal advice.

We strongly advise both employers and employees to take specialist advice from an expert solicitor with regard to compromise agreements. From our four offices in Salisbury, Fordingbridge, Andover and  Amesbury, our employment lawyers help employers throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and further afield with the drafting of compromise agreements to ensure that they are valid and comply with the appropriate legislation.

We also provide legal advice to employees who are offered settlement agreements and will assess whether the amount offered within the agreement is enough in the circumstances.

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