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Discrimination means treating some people differently from others. It isn’t always unlawful – after all, people are paid different wages depending on their skills.

However, there are certain reasons that your employer can’t discriminate against you. For more detailed information about the six different types of discrimination claim, click on one of the following links below:

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Types of discrimination:

Direct discrimination
Direct discrimination happens when an employer treats an employee less favourably than someone else for one of the above reasons. For example, it is direct discrimination if a driving job is only open to men.

Indirect discrimination
Indirect discrimination occurs when a working condition or rule disadvantages one group of people more than another eg requiring job applicants to be clean shaven disadvantages members of some religious groups.

Indirect discrimination is unlawful, whether or not it is done on purpose. It is only allowed if it is necessary for the way the business works, and there is no other way of achieving it. For example, the condition that applicants must be clean shaven might be justified if the job involved handling food and it could be shown that having a beard or moustache was a genuine hygiene risk.

You have the right not to be harassed at work. Harassment means offensive or intimidating behaviour such as sexist language or racial abuse, which aims to humiliate, undermine or injure its target.

Victimisation means treating somebody less favourably than others because they tried to make, or made, a complaint about discrimination. For example, it could be preventing you from going on training courses, taking unfair disciplinary action against you, or excluding you from company social events.

If you are treated unfairly but it is not for one of the reasons listed above, it may be that you are being bullied. Bullying should never be acceptable in the workplace.

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