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Age discrimination laws help ensure that you are not denied a job, an equal chance of training or a promotion because of your age.

Employees of any age are protected from age discrimination including partners of firms, contract workers and anyone in vocational training.

All aspects of your employment (or prospective employment) are protected from age discrimination, including recruitment, employment terms and conditions, promotions, dismissals and training.

In some cases different treatment of an employee due to age can be justified; for example, making special provisions for younger workers to protect their safety and welfare.

Your employer must ensure that any redundancy policies don’t discriminate against older workers.

There is no upper or lower age limit on the entitlement to statutory redundancy pay. Your employer must pay you the statutory minimum redundancy payment even if you are under 18 or over 65.

The national retirement age is 65, although this is not a compulsory retirement age. Your employer can only retire you below the age of 65 if they can show that having a lower retirement age is appropriate and necessary.

Your employer must give you at least six months notice of your retirement date. You can request to work beyond 65 or any other retirement age set by your employer. You will not automatically be allowed to work beyond your expected retirement date and your employer does not have to agree to your request or give you a reason for turning it down, but they must meet with you to consider your request.

There is no upper age limit on unfair dismissal claims.

Older people experience most age discrimination. However, it also takes place against young people. It is now unlawful for an employer to impose a lower age limit when recruiting, unless this age restriction can be justified or is imposed by law.

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