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Religious Discrimination

Religious Discrimination Law

An employer cannot discriminate against you because of your religion or belief.

There is no specific list setting out what religion or belief discrimination is. The law defines it as any religion, religious or philosophical belief, including all major religions, as well as less widely practised ones.

You are also protected against discrimination if you do not follow any religion or belief, and your employer discriminates against you because of this. Political beliefs are not counted as religions or beliefs.You are protected against discrimination through any recruitment process and in employment, including your terms and conditions of employment, pay, status, training, promotion, redundancy, dismissal and benefits such as pensions.

You do not have to give information to your employer about your religious beliefs. Any information you give should be confidential and anonymous if possible.

Religious observance

Your employer does not have to give you time off and facilities for religious observance but should try to where possible. For example, if you need a prayer room and there is a suitable room available you should be allowed to use it, provided it doesn’t disrupt others or your ability to do your job properly.

If you want time off for religious holidays, ask well in advance. Your employer should consider your request but can refuse if it will affect the business.

If you wear clothing or jewellery for religious reasons, your employer should ensure any dress code does not discriminate against you. A flexible dress code is usually possible, provided health and safety requirements are not at risk.

Some religions do not allow you to eat certain foods. If you do not want to handle such food, speak to your employer. They might be able to manage your request, provided it does not affect the business.

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