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Specialists in Intellectual Property Law

Our Intellectual Property Solicitors offer specialist advice on all types of Intellectual Property – copyright law, patents, trade marks, trade secrets and registered designs. We can follow your business through from start up advice – to ensure your ideas, business name and intellectual property are protected from day one – to exploring business relationships, creating licensing agreements and franchising possibilities.

Why is IP so important?

In the UK it has been estimated that approximately 70% of businesses work in the service sector.

Their provision of knowledge-based products and services means that know-how, technology and process provides a significant part of the valuation of that sector in particular – and that’s even more true of high-tech businesses. In fact it’s been estimated that around 70/80% of corporate value is down to intangibles such as intellectual property.

And if you don’t protect your intellectual property properly – you risk losing it.

Why choose us as your Intellectual Property Solicitor?

  • We are able to provide city quality Intellectual Property expertise at local prices – making previously specialist advice available and affordable to all businesses – whether individuals, SME or multi-national
  • When it comes to Trademark Law, we have a unique arrangement with a highly specialist firm of Trademark Attorneys based in our offices – providing seamless one-stop trademark law advice

How our Intellectual Property Solicitors can help you

We can protect your business in the following ways:

  • Identifying and managing your Intellectual Property
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements
  • Exploiting Intellectual Property – licensing and franchising
  • Brand management and trademark filings
  • Enforcing your Intellectual Property against infringement

Every business has valuable Intellectual Property– in its trading name and the ideas and concepts behind its products. But in many cases businesses are unaware of the value of these intangible assets and do not maximize their potential. Our Intellectual Property Solicitors can ensure that the intellectual property belonging to your business is protected.

Our Intellectual Property Solicitor says, “We are currently in an era of Intellectual Property for the masses. The individual inventor with creative genius, the web development business and the jewellery designer creating bespoke pieces hold their heads high alongside the international corporations in recognising the value of their intellectual property. The IP marketplace now operates according to the economic golden rule – those with the gold (ie the IP Rights) can now make the rules.”

6 Basic Rules for IP Management

Rule 1: Treat IP as you would a valuable business asset
Treat any intellectual property belonging to your business the same as you would land, machinery and stock. Think about your company website and/or promotional material, these are forms of IP which are extremely valuable to your business.

Rule 2: Know how to identify different types of IP
There are 4 major types of intellectual property:

  • Copyright – copyright is an automatic IP right, whichrevents others from copying your permanent work. Permanent work is that which is normally written or printed.
  • Patents – you can apply for a patent over an idea or invention, which can be used in a particular industry.
  • Trademarks – you can get trade mark protection over a logo or brand name.
  • Design rights – you can apply for a registered design number, which is an individual tag on your design. This registration is effective over a specific geographical area.

    Rule 3: Protect your IP
    If you display your IP as being protected, it will deter potential IP crime. Here are some examples on how to do this:

  • Copyright – use the copyright symbol © to highlight work which is protected.
  • Patents – depending what stage you are at, advertise your idea or invention as ‘patent applied for’, ‘patent pending’ or ‘patented’.
  • Trade Marks – use the registered trade mark symbol ® or use the initials TM if the trade mark is non registered.
  • Designs – show the design’s registered design number in this format: Reg Des: 1234567.

    Rule 4: Respect IP Rights belonging to others
    By using facilities such as the European Patents Office, which has an online search resource for patented objects, you can avoid the risk of using another’s IP without permission.

If you are still unsure to whether or not you can use an idea or product and do not want to risk liability, then contact your IP solicitor for further help and advice.

Rule 5: Utilise profitable IP rights
Plan to develop any intellectual property rights already belonging to your business. Use communication to gather information about the performance of your IP. Treat the IP as you would any other asset for business development.

IP rights are also a medium of trade as well as protection. As the owner of IP you have the ability to assign or issue a licence over its rights. In doing this, your IP could potentially be very profitable.

Rule 6: Get the right  legal advice
Seeking advice from an experienced intellectual property solicitor can be a useful resource for your business. IP is a complex and consistently changing area of law. Legal advice will help you ensure that you remain sufficiently protected against infringement. Not only this but experienced solicitors can help advise you and draft profitable IP assignments and licences.

We help clients by protecting their Intellectual Property throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset, and Somerset and throughout the UK. Our Intellectual Property Solicitors can see you in our Salisbury or Andover offices. Alternatively on the basis of phone and e-mail instructions, we can advise and represent you nationwide without even needing to meet.

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