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Court of Protection Solicitors and Incapability

If a person becomes incapable, through old age, illness or an accident, of running their own financial affairs, then someone will have to be appointed to deal with their affairs for them. Without a Lasting or Enduring Power of Attorney, then the Public Guardianship Office and the Court of Protection will have to be involved.

The Court of Protection

The Court of Protection is a special Court based in North London which exists to make decisions for people who can no longer manage their financial affairs, whether through accident or illness, including making decisions as to who should be appointed to manage their affairs for them.

The Public Guardianship Office is a wing of the Court of Protection and exists to supervise those people who are appointed to manage other people’s financial affairs. Our Solicitors have considerable experience of Court of Protection applications.

If there is no Lasting or Enduring Power of Attorney and someone loses the ability to manage their financial affairs, it is likely that the Court of Protection will have to be involved. Those appointed by the Court to manage another’s financial affairs are called Deputies.

How Our Court of Protection Solicitors Can Help

Our experienced Court of Protection Solicitors can help with;

  • all applications to the Court, including for the appointment of Deputies
  • the execution of statutory wills
  • obtaining orders for the sale of property
  • advising and assisting Deputies in connection with their duties and responsibilities – including the preparation of annual accounts and income tax returns.

Our Solicitors also advise clients in Court of Protection cases locally throughout Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset and further afield across England and Wales.

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