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Divorce and Family law Solicitors in Salisbury, Fordingbridge and AndoverDivorce and Family Law Solicitors

Divorce and relationship breakdown can cause massive stress, and our expert Divorce and Family Law team understand that. And that’s why we strongly recommend early legal advice from an specialist Family Law Solicitor so that you understand your options and can start planning to safeguard your position.

We are Divorce and Family Law specialists

Our Divorce and Family Law practice is the largest in Salisbury, Andover, Amesbury and now Fordingbridge [following our merger on October 1st, 2017 with long established Fordingbridge Solicitors, Jacksons].

Locally, our team has unrivalled experience, providing legal advice to clients throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset and further afield.

Our specialist Family Lawyers are genuine experts – family law and divorce is all they do. And in addition our team includes 2 jointly qualified Family Lawyer/Mediators and a specialist accredited Collaborative lawyer.

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Relationship problems? Let our lawyers put your mind at rest.

In our experience many people going through relationship breakdown understandably worry about their position. We strongly recommend getting in touch with a specialist solicitor as soon as possible – that initial legal advice, which can sometimes be taken over the phone, may be all you need to put your mind at rest – and don’t forget, here at Bonallack and Bishop, that first phone call, and your first 30 minute appointment, are both FREE.

Our family law team offer FREE phone advice and a FREE 1st 1/2 hour appointment

Our highly experienced Family Solicitors provide legal advice on all aspects of family law including:

  • Adoption and Special Guardianship Orders
  • Child law including contact and residence issues
  • Domestic violence and injunctions
  • Financial issues in divorce (often referred to by courts and lawyers as ancillary relief) including pensions
  • Grandparent contact
  • International child abduction
  • Judicial Separation
  • Maintenance
  • Military divorce – all aspects of divorce and family law for Army and other military personnel. Click here to find out more about how we can help, and about our exclusive 10% discount to all serving and retired Army and other HM Forces personnel on all our military law services,
  • Relationship breakdown and property rights
  • Separation agreements

If your marriage has broken down and you need a divorce, you are considering separation or you need legal advice on other family law problems, our Family Solicitors can see you in our Salisbury, Andover, Fordingbridge or Amesbury offices where our team will deal with you swiftly and with discretion.

FREE family law advice at our legal surgeries

In addition to our free phone advice and free 30 minute family law appointment offers, we also run three drop-in legal surgeries every week – a general surgery (which does cover family law amongst other issues) in Salisbury,  as well as a specialist family law legal surgery every Wednesday afternoon at our Amesbury office.

Click here for more information about getting the right legal advice at one of our 2 weekly legal surgeries

Getting the right family law advice

We understand exactly how traumatic divorce and relationship breakdown can be. That’s why our team are able to help you with the sympathetic, sensitive and practical legal advice you need.

What’s more, here at Bonallack and Bishop we are absolutely committed to assisting our clients to deal with their legal problems, wherever possible, in a non-confrontational and constructive manner. We look for solutions not problems and think that’s particularly important when there are children involved, when avoiding unnecessary arguments between parents is so very important. That’s why we are big fans of family mediation, for example.

5 reasons to choose us for your divorce?

• Our locally based family law team are genuine experts – unlike many other Solicitors, divorce and family law is all they do, and together, they have many years of experience helping thousands of people just like you settle the legal issues surrounding relationship breakdown.

• Our team includes 2 jointly qualified Family Lawyer/Mediators as  well as a specially accredited Collaborative Lawyer

• We offer FREE phone advice and a full FREE 1/2 hour no strings attached initial interview on any aspect of divorce or family law –  and don’t forget our 3 drop-in legal surgeries every week – see above

• You can ask to talk to a male or female member of our team if you wish. Our experience shows that, just like going to your GP, some people going through relationship breakdown simply feel much comfortable talking to a male or female lawyer

• You can talk to one of our team about your relationship breakdown problems either in face to face meetings at one of our offices in Salisbury, Fordingbridge, Amesbury Andover – or  by phone, e-mail or Skype video/FaceTime. It’s your choice

And don’t forget, we’re not just family lawyers. Bonallack and Bishop cover the full range of legal problems. Our family solicitors work closely with other teams in the firm when advising on related property issues and changing your will.

Divorce – Can I Switch My Lawyer?

Are you unhappy with your current divorce lawyer? Are there communication problems? Do you find that your calls are not being returned promptly, is your case just not getting the attention it deserves, or perhaps you have simply lost confidence in their ability to properly represent you.

Appointing a new lawyer doesn’t have to be difficult and finding the right lawyer for you could make a real difference to your settlement.

But if you are unhappy with your current lawyer, we suggest the following;

  • Talk to them and explain your concerns – there may be a simple misunderstanding between you
  • Don’t sack your current lawyer until you have found a new one – you don’t want to risk any time without legal representation
  • Never switch lawyers just before a court hearing
  • Don’t forget that you will need to pay your existing lawyer’s bill before they release your file to you or your new lawyer this
  • Accept that it is going to take a little time for your new lawyer to become familiar with your case – and that you will be billed for the time they take to get up to speed

The financial side of divorce – 5 myths

If you are about to go through a divorce, you are probably struggling with difficult emotional issues. However, it can also be difficult to face up to the financial consequences of divorce, particularly when there are so many myths about how family assets are split divorce.

Here are 5 popular misconceptions about divorce.

1. All assets are always split 50:50 when you get divorced

This is perhaps the most common myth and whilst assets are sometimes divided roughly equally, it is not an absolute rule. The division of assets depends entirely on your personal situation. While a simple and equal division may be fair in some cases, it may not prove reasonable in another. The courts recognise this.

If one partner earns significantly less than another, they may find that the court considers it unfair to give them half – but if they have made significant contributions in the home, that may  increase their share. The court will consider the length of the marriage, the assets in question, the relevant contributions of the spouses, the age of any children and who they will be living with, and their ages of both parties in any ruling.

2. Pensions are irrelevant to financial settlements

This is a complete myth. Pensions are in fact a key asset in divorce proceedings and both the husband and wife’s pensions are considered as part of the marital pot. Dividing pensions can be very complicated and there are a number of ways of doing this – so it is important that you get expert legal and financial advice from divorce specialists.

Click here for more information about pension splitting.

3. When I get divorced the house the money and the children will all be sorted out

Unfortunately this is not the case. Divorce is essentially only the legal recognition of your separation. When you get your decree absolute there may still be financial and child contact arrangements to sort out – including the division of assets such as pensions or shares and who (if anyone) gets to stay in the marital home.

In order to finalise these kind of financial issues, you will need to make a different application to court. Whilst it is up to you whether or not you finalise your financial arrangements post-divorce we strongly advise that you make formal agreements in order to ensure your long-term financial security and peace of mind.

4. We’ve reached agreements about our finances so everything is sorted

Again, this is untrue. Whilst informal agreements may appear to have brought everything to a close, that kind of casual agreement is simply not legally binding.

Until you formalise your agreements in a court order either party can change their mind about any deal you have both come to. And what’s more, coming to a deal about family finances without specialist legal advice is dangerous  – because you may agree to things which are not in your interest, and therefore end up with an unfair settlement from

5. It is more cost-effective to avoid solicitors altogether

Since the withdrawal of legal aid from dealing with financial issues following divorce, getting legal advice is going to cost.

However trying to cut corners and save cash by doing without any specialist legal advice entirely, is very risky

Without specialist legal advice not only may well l take longer to reach a settlement, but you may also overlook things you may be entitled to. As a result it is always good advice to talk to a divorce solicitor – especially if your partner instruct a solicitor of their own.

Why not take advantage of our free initial phone advice and free first 30 minutes advice on all divorce and family law issues. That way you can put your mind at rest without incurring any legal bills.

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Divorce and Relationship Breakdown are always stressful. But don't make the matter worse by suffering in silence.

Find out where you stand today in a free advice phone call with one of our specialist Family Law team and then, if you're happy to take it further, our family Solicitors offer an informal no strings attached 30 minute meeting at a time to suit you.

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