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Debt recovery solicitorsLawyers Specialising in Quality Debt Collection

Is your business owed money? Problems recovering a commercial debt?

Let our debt recovery solicitors help you recover your money?

  • Do your customers fail to settle their debts on time?
  • Is chasing debts wasting your valuable time?
  • Do you realise how much of YOUR cash is tied up in unpaid debts?

Our debt collection solicitors understand your business can quickly get into financial trouble if customers fail to pay on time. As the area’s fastest growing solicitors, we offer a prompt and cost-effective debt recovery service to collect outstanding debts, while you get on with running your business – giving you the chance to recover your debts at minimal cost.

Combining the personal touch of an experienced team with modern technology means our debt collection team can tailor our service to the needs of small businesses with a single debt, or to large companies with multiple debtors. We succeed in recovering debts for our clients in 91% of cases and represent commercial debt collection clients in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset, Berkshire and throughout the UK  from our offices in Salisbury, Andover, Fordingbridge and Amesbury.

To find out more about how our debt recovery team can help you and your business, simply call us now on FREEPHONE 0800 1404544 or Salisbury 01722 422300. Initial legal advice on the phone is always FREE.

How big is the unpaid debt problem for small and medium-sized businesses in the UK ?

Far too many small and medium businesses struggle with bad debt. In fact  a recent survey conducted by Company Check established that 68 per cent of small businesses have had to write off bad debt.

Large companies alone owe UK SMEs in excess £26 billion.

Why do small businesses build up such bad debt. According to a study by insurers, Direct Line, 11% of firms simply said they did not have enough time to chase up unpaid bills, while 10% claimed to be afraid of damaging their relationship with their debtor by insisting on being paid the money they were owed. And 3% didn’t even know how to go about reclaiming the monies they were owed.

Did you know that you are legally entitled to claim interest on unpaid bills?

No ?
Click here to find out how to charge interest on unpaid bills

How does our Debt Recovery service work?

Our solicitors’ debt recovery service has been designed to recover your money promptly and efficiently. All you need do is email details of your debts and we will take care of the rest. We will:

  • Write a solicitors’ letter before action, demanding full payment in 7 days. In  our experience 71% of debtors pay up at this stage.
  • Subject to instructions, start legal proceedings to recover your money if the debtor has not paid within 7 days.
  • If the claim remains undisputed, obtain Judgement and take all necessary steps to enforce it.
  • If the claim becomes disputed, we will advise on the merits of your debt collection case and pass it to our experienced litigation team.
  • Keep you advised regularly of action we have taken for you – including how much of the debt we have recovered and how much we have had to pay out on your behalf.

Debt Collection – had enough of excuses?

  • “There is no one in to sign a cheque today”
  • “The cheque is in the post”
  • “We need a copy of the invoice”

Then you need our solicitors’ debt recovery service.

Debt Collection – ever asked yourself these questions?

  • Can I charge interest to customers who are slow to pay their debts?
  • Can I claim for my debt recovery costs in addition to legal costs and interest?
  • A customer has gone out of business but still has our goods – can we get them back?

Then you need our solicitors’ debt recovery service.

Are you a landlord who is owed rent?

Click here to read more about how our Landlord and Tenant Solicitors can help you

What happens when the debt is disputed?

In the event that the debtor argues that the debt is not owed, or the amount due is smaller, this will probably need to be dealt with as a contractual dispute. But rest assured, our team are equally skilled at this kind of commercial dispute resolution  – and will help you to regain your money as soon as possible with as little hassle as possible.
Click here to read more about Commercial Contract Dispute Resolution

Someone else holding onto your money? Make an enquiry with us today.

Cash flow problems cause the failure of far too many businesses and major headaches for many others.

If you simply can't get a customer or client to pay up the cash you are owed, then don't waste your time. Pass that headache to our specialist Debt Recovery team who can tailor their approach to suit you and your client, playing hardball, or being firm but gentle, whichever you prefer.

Whether your business is based in England Wales, don't waste another moment call our highly effective Debt Recovery team today, simply:

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