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Commercial Litigation Solicitors in Salisbury, Andover & Fordingbridge. Business Dispute Lawyers.Specialist Business Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Our Business Dispute Solicitors understand that disagreements and problems crop up far too often in business – and that getting caught up in commercial litigation can soon put a real strain on both management time and resources.

We always offer FREE initial phone advice with no strings attached. Call our highly experienced Business Dispute Resolution team on 01722 422300 or FREEPHONE 0800 1404544.

Business Disputes – the extent of the problem

Research published by the Legal Services Board in April 2022 shows exactly how serious the problem is. In a survey of 10,228 small businesses in England and Wales, a huge 32% of them had a legal problem in the previous 12 months – and a huge 55% of respondents, when asked how serious the issues were,  said that those problems had a medium or high impact on the business in question.

And that impact is not just financial. Previous LSB research also estimated that over 1 million individuals in small businesses nationwide suffered ill health as a direct result of business disputes.

Your Commercial Dispute – How we can help youBusiness Dispute Resolution Solicitors. Commercial Litigation Association logo

Our expert Commercial Litigation team have a depth of experience and a strong a record of resolving disputes for both large and small businesses.

We take a robust approach in protecting your interests to improve the prospects of bringing your legal dispute to the best possible result.

What’s more, the head of our dispute resolution team here at Bonallack & Bishop, David Patterson, is a member of the Commercial Litigation Association (CLA) –  the UK’s only national group of dispute solicitors, judges and other professionals who arededicated to advancing the interests of all involved in commercial litigation, mediation and dispute resolution.

We represent businesses throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and Somerset – and further afield – from our offices in Salisbury, Andover, Fordingbridge and Amesbury.

Our Commercial Litigation Expertise

A significant number of the cases our team handle relate to internal business issues, including director, shareholder and partnership disputes. In addition our dispute solicitors have particular specialist experience in a number of fields including property disputes and professional negligence claims.

However, our commercial litigation team provides practical solutions and cost-effective legal advice on a wide range of business disputes including:

Who do our commercial dispute resolution team help?

Our experienced solicitors regularly deal with a variety of clients in various business sectors, including:

• Individuals – company directors, shareholders, , business customers, investors and business owners themselves

• Businesses – throughout England and Wales, with particular experience of acting for property developers and investors and developers

Click here to read more about our specialist property investor team

Your business dispute – your legal costs may be much less than you think

Depending on your circumstances, it’s quite likely that the best way to start off will be with a carefully crafted solicitor’s letter. We can set out the problem, the legal position, the solution you’re seeking and indicate what further action you’re prepared to take if a reasonable settlement can’t be reached.

These letters are surprisingly effective and quite often will resolve, or help to resolve the problem swiftly.

And rest assured that the experience of our business dispute lawyers means that we will make sure that the letter sets the right tone – particularly if it’s important for you to keep a reasonable relationship with the other party going forward.

And if that 1st letter doesn’t do the trick – we can handle any necessary follow-up, whether it’s negotiation mediation or court application.

Will we have to go to court?

Although it may be necessary, to be frank, having to rely on a fully contested hearing before a judge in court is the last resort. Except on the rare event where there are very urgent issues involved (requiring some form of injunction perhaps), fully contested litigation is slow, stressful and can be painfully expensive. And it’s rare that the outcome is guaranteed.

So issuing court proceedings should never be done without some serious consideration. Contacting our team will provide an opportunity for you to run the circumstances of your particular position past our expert lawyers who can give you an initial view on your best option – and in particular whether an application to court at such an early stage is best for you. In most, but not all, cases trying other options  such as commercial mediation or arbitration may be your best move on day one.

Your Business Dispute – the importance of commercial mediation and other dispute resolution

Sadly, as the Legal Services Board research mentioned above shows, most businesses become involved in some form of  legal dispute at one stage or another. And those have gone through it know how time consuming, stressful and expensive court proceedings can be.

That’s why here at Bonallack & Bishop, we recommend a practical and cost-effective strategy aimed at dispute resolution rather than conflict. And what’s more we try to do so at an early stage before significant legal costs begin to mount up and before the party’s respective positions get entrenched.

That doesn’t mean we won’t fight your corner – but it does mean we recognise the importance of settling our clients business disputes as efficiently and effectively as possible, with a strong emphasis on keeping your legal costs down, whilst safeguarding your legal position.

Rest assured that our business dispute team together has considerable experience in successfully settling commercial litigation using negotiation, commercial arbitration and mediation. But equally, where appropriate, we don’t hesitate in resorting to litigation to help you reach the right commercial outcome.

Business Disputes – FREE Initial Legal Advice

Don’t suffer in silence. Far too many business owners simply don’t know where they stand – and worry about running up a huge legal bill if they appoint a solicitor for their business dispute.

But our commercial litigation team have the answer. We are always happy to give you free initial legal advice over the phone, and that can often solve your problem – and at least it will help to put your mind at rest.

So don’t delay. Call us today for your free initial phone legal advice on your business dispute.

And we have a number of ways to cover your legal bill including;

  • Fixed fees
  • A choice of funding methods
  • Payment by instalments

Getting the right legal advice – don’t delay

In our experience, it’s really important to address any problems as soon as possible. The sooner you do so, the more likely it is that you can avoid it turning into a business disputes – or worse still and commercial litigation. Because the alternative is very unattractive – unresolved and protracted disputes can prove very stressful and very expensive. And that’s why it’s in everybody’s interests to find a solution to your business problem swiftly and efficiently.

And don’t forget, that initial phone call with one of our expert lawyers about your business dispute is FREE. Simply call the team on FREEPHONE 0800 1404544.

So for your no obligation discussion with one of our expert business dispute solicitors – call us today and let us explain your legal rights and options

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Too many businesses suffer in silence when it comes to threatened Commercial Litigation or Disputes. Dealing with that business problem is not always as expensive as you might think. For example we offer no win no fee for appropriate Business Disputes.

In any event don't leave things to chance, or worse still, try to ignore that problem in the hope that it will go away.

Call our experienced Business Litigation team for no strings attached FREE initial phone advice. It might be all you need. Simply:

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