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Do you have a Will?

WillsOver 70% of the population don’t have a current accurate Will. Don’t be one of them – if you are, you risk dying intestate (i.e. without saying who should inherit your property)and leaving a very uncertain future for your family, friends and business partners. Our specialist Wills solicitors strongly advise that you make a Will, review it regularly and consider taking out a Lasting Power of Attorney. It costs less than you think – we offer value for money fixed fees for simple Wills. Our solicitors prepare Wills and deal with with probate cases for clients throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.

Free Wills Storage

Our solicitors are happy to store your Will and House Deeds free of charge in our fire proof storage.

Why do I need a Will?

If you do not make a Will:

  • Your family could be involved in unnecessary costs and delay
  • You will have no control over what happens to your property
  • Disagreements may arise between how your property is split between your family
  • You may not have made enough financial provision for your spouse
  • Your family home may have to be sold to distribute the assets unless you make the position clear to the contrary
  • There might be more tax to pay
  • You could leave your business partners unprotected resulting in a forced business sale
  • If you are co-habiting without having married then your partner will have no automatic right to any part of your estate

In contrast, if you make a Will you keep some control over what happens to your property after you die and can ensure:

  • Those you care for are provided for
  • You decide who deals with your estate (known as the executor)
  • You choose someone to look after your young children
  • You minimise tax payable on your death
  • You remember family and friends by leaving them particular gifts
  • You avoid disputes over your property from first and second families
  • You make proper provision for your co-habitee if you are unmarried
  • You provide a smooth handover of your business

What to include in your will

Don’t forget your estate may be more valuable than you think and includes:

  • Your home
  • Your business
  • Your savings
  • Any insurance or pension policies
  • Your personal possessions
  • Second homes

I want to make a Will – what should I do next?

Before making a Will you should think about:

  • The nature and value of your property
  • Who you would like to benefit from your Will – including your partner, children, any previous family and your extended family and friends
  • Your business interests
  • Tax implications – especially Inheritance Tax
  • Who you would like to administer your estate – your executor
  • Who you would wish to look after your children if you cannot
  • If you have any particular wish for your funeral arrangements
  • If you want to donate any of your organs or allow your body to be used for medical purposes

Probate Solicitors

Probate involves dealing with the estate of someone who has died – collecting in monies that are owed, settling taxes or debts and distributing the estate amongst the beneficiaries. Click for more about how our probate solicitors can help you.

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