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Upon diagnosis of a terminal illness it is a good idea that arrangements are made to meet with your bank manager to discuss the likely action Bank account dealings when terminally ill.Wiltshire Hampshire & Dorset Solicitorstaken upon notification of death. If this is delayed, complications can occur following the account holder’s demise.

Bank accounts and death – the very real problems

Denial of access to joint accounts, following the bank or building societies’ notification of the death of one account holders is common. This often causes problems when the surviving account holder requires access to the funds.

Depending on the balance of the joint account at the time of death defaults can arise in critical payments such as the mortgage, car loan repayments, etc. The bank or building society may continue paying out standing orders or indeed stop all transactions.

Joint accounts – the solution

It is advisable that the spouse of someone suffering from a terminal illness opens an individual account prior to the death of his or her partner to prevent such complications following their partner’s demise. By doing this, it can be ensured that all important transactions from the joint account can be covered through balance transfers, until such time as direct debits can be moved to the new account.

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