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Criminal Lawyers. Criminal law Solicitors. Salisbury, Andover, Fordingbridge & the New ForestCriminal Law Solicitors

Few problems in life are as worrying as finding yourself on the wrong side of the criminal law. Our criminal lawyers understand that.

But whoever you are and whatever has happened, you are going to need the right expert legal advice and support.

Our criminal lawyers frequently represent private clients and businesses successfully defending clients for the full range of criminal charges. The team will use their huge experience to ensure the best outcome for you and your case.

Our Criminal Lawyers – Court and Police Station Representation

Bonallack and Bishop have criminal lawyers to help you at Salisbury Magistrates Courts, and throughout Courts in Wiltshire and Hampshire, on all criminal and motoring offences and to represent you at Salisbury and other local police stations (including Melksham and Swindon), 24 hours a day.

And don’t forget, that whether not you’re under arrest and being interviewed as a suspect, or you attend a police station on a voluntary basis, you have a legal right to appoint your own independent criminal solicitor – and that’s free of charge.

Our solicitors are criminal defence specialists undertaking all aspects of criminal law from commercial crime to criminal damage and murder to motoring cases.

Read more about how our  Driving Offence Solicitors can help you

Whether it is a motoring offence or a criminal case, for expert legal advice contact our experienced criminal lawyers.

Guilty or not guilty plea – your criminal lawyer is there to help

Your criminal lawyer is there to explain the details of the case against you, and to help you decide whether or not to plead guilty or not guilty. And part of that advice will include information about the possible sentence you may receive if you decide to plead guilty, or are found guilty after feeding not guilty and losing in a trial.

And if you decide to enter a not guilty plea, your criminal lawyer is there to help you understand how the legal process works and to assist you in telling your side of the story, to make sure that you get a fair trial.

Criminal Law Advice outside Office Hours

Problems with criminal or motoring law don’t always crop up Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

That’s why in addition to calling us in office hours on 01980 622992,  you can call us on 07591 241460 for advice outside office hours.

Need Criminal Law advice in Salisbury? Make an enquiry with us today.

Worried about a police interview or Criminal Prosecution? Call our local specialist road traffic Solicitors now.

For free phone advice or to make an appointment, simply:

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  • Call 075912460 for advice outside office hours or
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