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Specialists in Medical Compensation Claims

Being let down by a medical professional and then having to explain often very personal details to a solicitor you have probably not  met before can be really tough. Our team understand that. That’s why our Medical Negligence Solicitors ensure that clients wishing to make a compensation claim for clinical negligence (also known as medical negligence) are always handled sympathetically.

Our highly qualified specialist team includes accredited members of  the Action against Medical Accidents panel, the Spinal Injuries Association Approved Solicitors panel and both the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel and Personal Injury Panel. And as you will see below, having a really specialist solicitor on your side is so important with these kind of negligence claims.

We can represent you wherever you live, nationwide. Because these claims are so complex, requiring expert knowledge of law and medical matters, our Solicitors handle Medical Negligence Compensation Claims not only locally in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Somerset, Dorset and throughout England and Wales from our offices in Salisbury, Fordingbridge and Andover.

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Specialist Medical Negligence Claims

Although our experienced Medical Solicitors deal with all types of Medical Injury, we have particular experience in the following Medical Negligence Claims:

  • Birth injury claims
  • Cardiology
  • Cerebral palsy cases
  • Claims for delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis
  • Claims resulting from cancer misdiagnosis/treatment
  • Erbs palsy claims
  • GP errors
  • Head /brain injury claims
  • Keyhole surgery claims
  • Medical negligence compensation claims for military personnel (including Army, Navy, RAF and MOD claims)
  • MRSA/C-Difficile/hospital infection/superbug claims
  • Nursing and care home claims
  • Ophthalmic and Laser Eye Surgery
  • Orthopaedics, trauma and amputation cases
  • Plastic/cosmetic surgery gone wrong
  • Surgical mistakes
  • Women and child’s health claims (gynaecology and obstetrics)

Do I really need a Specialist Solicitor?

We think so – and we are not the only ones.

See below a direct quote taken from the AvMA website. Action against Medical Accidents is the long-standing campaigning UK charity supporting victims of medical negligence

“Whenever choosing a solicitor in clinical negligence look for our quality mark. We can only recommend solicitors who we have accredited through our robust and independent system.

Beware of solicitors who imply that they are specialists without accreditation by AvMA, and do not be confused by the term ‘personal injury’ lawyer. Clinical Negligence is a highly specialist field of its own.

There are now over 100,000 qualified solicitors and even more legal executives and unqualified staff in the UK. But a mere 180 of those are accredited members of both the AvMA and the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panels.

The head of our medical negligence team, Denise Broomfield, is one of them.

Making your claim – you are not alone

Contrary to claims companies advertising, getting Medical Negligence Compensation is not easy. So it is essential that you have a specialist and accredited Medical Negligence Solicitor who will listen to you and clearly explain both how your claim is progressing .

If you have suffered an injury due to Medical Negligence, sadly  you are not alone. Remarkably there are approximately 850,000 Medical Accidents in UK hospitals annually, half of which were avoidable.

Our Solicitors understand how traumatic a Medical Accident is for you and your family,  when after trusting medical professionals, you end up a victim of clinical negligence. Whilst no money can ever fully compensate Medical Negligence victims, we believe bringing these claims forward helps improve medical standards and raise patient awareness. Our Solicitors will do their utmost to ensure you receive fair compensation.

Put your mind at rest about a possible claim with our specialist FREE advice

When it comes to medical negligence claims, there’s no need to worry or suffer in silence if you’re concerned about running up sizeable legal costs. We offer;

  • FREE phone advice
  • FREE first interviews for all possible medical negligence claims – when our experts can give you an initial opinion whether you have a claim, and if so the likely level of compensation

Funding for Medical Negligence Claims – No Win No Fee available

Bring a medical negligence claim can be very expensive. Sadly the NHS and other medical bodies remain remarkably reluctant to admit any mistake – though they are regular encouraged by the government to do so. As a direct result, medical claims go on far too long and legal bills are, in our opinion, far too high.

However that should not put you off making a claim – because almost all of our medical negligence cases are run using no win no fee agreements – so you don’t need to worry about paying your legal costs and can concentrate on your recovery.

Click here to read more about “No Win No Fee Claims“.

NB Legal Aid Funding is now extremely limited. Even if you are financially eligible, it’s only available for medical negligence claims involving a brain injury at birth or within 8 weeks of birth

Thinking of Making a Claim Following a Medical Error? Don’t Delay

It’s important to get legal advice from our solicitors as soon as possible after you become aware of your injuries.

Why? There are two main reasons

  • Firstly there are strictly enforced time limitation periods. In general terms this means you will need to start your claim within three years of the medical negligence that caused your injuries – or if you only found out about the negligence later, within three years of your discovery of the negligence. There are also extended limitation periods for children and those with mental disabilities. Failing to start a medical negligence claim within the limitation period means you’re likely to miss out on your right to compensation completely.
  • Secondly it is often much easier investigating your Medical Negligence Compensation Claim if you instruct a solicitor as soon as possible. Things will still be fresh in your mind and evidence will sometimes be more easily obtained.

Remember – your initial phone call and first face-to-face interview with us is FREE, and our Solicitors can then tell you whether your compensation claim is worth pursuing. As a  result we recommend you make notes about the circumstances of your Medical Injury as soon as possible and that you keep a written diary of events.

Home and hospital visits are available

If you are still in hospital or if you are so unwell that you can’t travel, then we can come to see you – at home or in hospital, or in a rehabilitation unit.

If you are able to travel, our medical solicitors can see you in our Salisbury, Andover or Amesbury offices and we also have interviewing facilities in West Dorset.

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Please be aware that strict time limitation periods apply to all Medical Compensation claims. So don't delay getting in touch with a solicitor specialising in Medical Negligence cases - or you risk losing the compensation to which you are entitled.

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