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Medical Negligence Case Story

Mr W’s Story

Mr W was a 20 year old man who presented to his GP with very severe headache, balance problems and confusion. His GP thought that he had been taking drugs or was drunk and sent him home with painkillers.

4 days later Mr W collapsed at home, an ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital. He was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and underwent expensive surgery and was left with permanent brain damage.

The doctors advising as part of the clinical negligence claim stated that at the time of the first visit to his GP Mr W had suffered a minor bleed from the aneurysm. He should have been referred to hospital for further investigation at that time. If he had attended hospital the aneurysm would have been diagnosed. He still would have required surgery but his long term outcome would have been much better.

Mr W claimed damages for the difference in how his health would have been if he had been referred to hospital after seeing his GP and how he was after he had collapsed and undergone very major surgery. The difference in the quality of his life was very marked.

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