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No Win No Fee Agreements – for accident and medical compensation claimsNo Win No Fee Solicitors

No Win No Fee agreements (also called Conditional Fee Agreements) cover your solicitor’s fees not only for accident compensation claims and medical negligence cases, allowing you to make yourompensation claim without paying solicitor’s fees! If you win your case, your solicitor’s fees are paid by your opponent. However, under a No Win No Fee Agreement, if you lose your case through no fault of your own, your solicitor will not be paid. As your solicitors take a risk on winning your claim, they receive both their basic fees (at rates set by the County Court) and a success fee (an additional fee for taking the risk).

If your injury compensation claim goes to Court, our solicitors will advise you to take out ‘after the event’ insurance, which protects you from paying your opponent’s legal fees if your claim fails. This insurance premium is paid by your opponent at the end of your case if you win. If your compensation claim fails, the premium is not payable.

Some fees must be paid to third parties, including medical experts and the Court as your accident compensation claim progresses. Our personal injury and medical negligence solicitors can discuss how to fund these costs with you in our Salisbury, Andover,  Verwood or Amesbury offices and we have interviewing facilities in West Dorset. Home/hospital visits are available for clients with serious injuries.

No Win No Fee – For Other Compensation Claims too

Our solicitors also offer No Win No Fee agreements for appropriate

There are rare occasions where you can be responsible for paying your solicitor’s fees in No Win No Fee claims. These can arise if you wish to change solicitors or fail to take action resulting in the loss of your compensation claim – for example if you fail to comply with a Court Order. However, follow our solicitors’ advice and you won’t get into this position!

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Our solicitors handle no win no fee claims for compensation claims locally in Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset and throughout England and Wales

If you think you have an accident compensation or medical negligence claim, contact an expert No Win No Fee Solicitor in  our Salisbury, Andover or Amesbury offices today.

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Please be aware that strict time limitation periods apply to all types of Compensation Claims. So don't delay getting in touch with a no win no fee specialist - or you risk losing the compensation to which you are entitled.

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