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Cycling is cheap, great for your health and the environment and thanks to the Government; local authorities are regularly encouraged to put measures in place to promote this activity in towns and cities across the country. Unfortunately, no amount of intervention will prevent accidents from happening and cycling accident claims will continue to be necessary.

Cycling accidents – the very real scale of the problem

Sadly the number of road traffic accident involving cyclists is simply huge. According to leading UK safety charity, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) 16,884 cyclists were injured in reported road accidents in 2019 alone.  And worse still, of those, 4,433 were killed or seriously injured. These figures probably underestimate the scale of the problem – because these ROSPA  statistics are limited to just those cyclists who were injured or killed in road traffic accidents that were actually reported to the police.

I was involved in a cycling accident – what can I claim compensation for?

If you have suffered an injury or damages as a result of a careless road user or a badly maintained road you could be able to claim for compensation for:

  • Personal Injury – such as broken bones, soft tissue damage or psychological injury
  • Loss of income due to your injury
  • Damages to your bicycle, equipment and personal belongings
  • Liability disputes

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You can guarantee that we are accident claim specialists, because the team includes a fully accredited members of the most specialist panels for injury claim solicitors – the Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel, run by the Law Society (the official body representing all solicitors in England and Wales).

The very real dangers to cyclists

Cyclists on our roads are vulnerable; modern cars are designed to protect their passengers, not what or who they may collide with, cyclists are small compared to other road users and have just two wheels, making them harder for other road users to see.

According to the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), 40% of cyclists admitted to hospital in England have head injuries. A cycle helmet is a sensible precaution and will be taken into account by a judge assessing damages, in fact, a cyclist who has not taken proper precautions to protect themselves may now even find themselves partially liable for their own injuries.

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Your Cycling Accident – don’t delay making your claim

With this in mind, it is essential for cyclists or those involved in a cycling injury to ensure that they seek professional legal advice as quickly as possible. In addition, if you do delay making a claim for too long, you could lose your right to claim compensation completely.

Whether you need to claim compensation for an injury your have sustained, want to make a claim against a driver’s insurance company or are a driver involved in a cycling collision and are seeking advice; the specialist personal injury lawyers here at Bonallack and Bishop can help you.

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Funding Your Cycling Accident Claim

Our injury compensation solicitors run the vast majority of accident compensation claims using a no win no fee agreement so you don’t need to worry about having to pay your legal costs.

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