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FREE No Strings Attached Offer from Your Local Solicitors  Free Storage of Your Will. Salisbury, Fordingbridge, Amesbury & Andover Solicitors

We offer free secure storage for your wills, deeds and other documents in secure storage at our Salisbury, Andover, Fordingbridge  and Amesbury offices. And that’s a simple no strings attached offer – available regardless of whether or not we prepared those documents for you.

We are simply happy to offer this service to our clients, and non-clients,  as it is critical that important documents such as property title deeds and wills are looked after securely to prevent any damage or loss.

It’s worth comparing our service with that offered by many banks – who routinely charge substantial sums annually for looking after your documents.

By way of example, here are three of the more common charges made for secure storage of your will;

  • Which (owners of Which Magazine) – £25 PA
  • Barclay Bank – they offer safe “sealable wallet” storage  – and charge £3 per wallet each and every month for storage – and a further fee of £10 per wallet every time you want to access that document or remove it
  • Will writers [and sadly some solicitors too]  –  many make their money with an annual or lifetime fee for storing your will

Why pay for safe storage of your legal documents?

You could keep your will at home. There’s nothing wrong with that – but there’s a risk it could get damaged,  accidentally destroyed, lost or stolen.

Why take that risk?

Transfer them to us today – or you’re simply handing over some of your hard-earned wealth to add to your bank’s profits.

Is there any other problem in keeping my documents at the bank?

Yes. If, for example, you leave your Will in a bank or bank safety deposit box when you pass on, no-one will be able to access your bank account or that deposit box without first obtaining Probate (if it is necessary).

This could take months – or longer.

Want to Transfer the Storage of Your Wills in Deeds to Us? Call Us Now

For FREE phone advice on reviewing your will or to arrange for our safe storage of your documents,  simply

SALISBURY 01722 422300
FORDINGBRIDGE 01425 652110
AMESBURY 01980 622992 or
ANDOVER 01264 364433

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